Homemade Food With A Mother's Touch!

Hello, I'm Mubaraka Jafferji

And I'm here to bring you delicious homemade food!

We all know that the most important thing about any event is FOOD! You get it right, you receive the most compliments, you get it wrong and all your hard work and planning goes down the drain! 

So whether it is an event or you're away from home and in need of comfort food, Mubi's Munchies will take care of you... just like your mother would! :)

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Catering services for events parties or personal food cravings!

Condiments and Mouth Fresheners to make all your meals more enjoyable!

Home cooked Meal Boxes for a healthy touch to your busy life.

"Incredible people and food!" 

- Worcester Vegetable Festival Customer 2019 

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